Question: How small work can you process?

At turning process, The best work size is from Φ1 to Φ5.
At milling process, The best work size is 100 x 100 mm. If you work is out of our acceptable work size, please contact with us. It may be processed.

Question: Do you process quenching and grinding treatment?

In IWAI Micro Components, we always process quenching, grinding and surface treatment before shipment. In quenching and grinding process, IWAI Micro Components ask third party to do these process, however, we can do these process with short lead time and reasonable price.
Example: quenching process, nitriding process, raydent process, salt bath nitriding process, coatings, bright chromate conversion coatings, nickel plating, electroless nickel plating, chrome coatings, hard chrome coatings, flash chrome coatings, chromate conversion coating, zinc coating, alumite coatings, electrolytic polishing.

Question: How precise can you process?

It depends on the condition, only turning process, we can complete the process with torelance 0.01mm. Including grinding process, we can complete the process with torelance 0.001or 0.002 mm.

Question: Can you cut or mill dissimilar work?

Even if we sometimes help 3rd part to do process our equipment cannot do, we can accept dissimilar work. We have experienced sheet-metal working, pipe production and can production work.

Question: What kinds of materials can you process?

SUS303, 304 316, 420J2, 430, 440C, 630
A2017, 5056, 6063, 7075
Pure titanium, 64 titanium,
Brass, brass (copper free)
Copper, phosphor bronze, beryllium copper
SK, SKS, S45C, SS400, SUM24L, SKH51, SKD11, HPM, FDAC, SCM420, 435, SNCM439
molybdenum, inconel, kovar, hastelloy, invar steel, resin